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23 Sept. 2017

On this page you will find links to pages that prove Herod died in 1BC.

It’s a lot to read, but a greatly needed to establish solid anchor point to determine the date of Jesus birth. And with that the events that took place during His life.

All this is needed because Luke firmly ties the date of Jesus’ baptism to Roman officials. But the records seem to contradict.

Jesus birth year is linked to the year of Herod’s death, because obviously, Herod can only order to kill all baby boys when he’s still alive. This simple fact forces His birth before the death of Herod. Using the commonly accepted year of Herod’s death (4BC) causes conflicts between Luke’s statements and Roman records.

The information on this page will solve all those contradictions.

The solution is simply using a 3 year more recent lunar eclipse.

The other 99% of this page is showing proof that 1BC lunar eclipse is the one Josephus mentioned in his writings. Not that of 4BC , 5BC or any other year.

Herod died 1BC