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Note#1: None of this page can work if the year of conception had a leap month.
Some of the 266/280 day patterns break if the year before conception had a leap month. It’s nice to know for this little study, but it can be very helpful when trying to figure out the year of birth. Simply because all birth years not preceded by at least 2 non-leap years aren’t correct.

Endnote for those trying to pinpoint the year of birth;

266 - Conception of a year
The Jewish civil new year, Rosh Hashana, starts at Tishri 1 (Sept/Oct)
The Jewish religious year starts 6 lunar months earlier at 1 Nisan. 14 days before Passover. If we add 266 to Nisan 1, we end on the fifth day of ‘Festival of the Lights’. The exact middle of 8 days is 4 ½ days. That’s halfway between the fourth and fifth candle. → 1234 ½ 5678
So the fifth day is pretty accurate. What’s more, in the very middle is a ninth candle. The Servant Candle.

So that’s another hint pointing to Jesus

Below I summarize the presented calculations plus a few extra. For me personally it’s impossible to see that as random luck. It must have a design. It must have a purpose. While the 266 and 280 are found in medical science the Bible seems to confirm the correctness of those numbers because feasts are spaced along those numbers.