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1. The reason Moses fled to Midian

The name Moses is nowhere found in Egyptians records. If Moses really was adopted, lived with the royals, and even had a chance for the  throne of Egypt he surely must have been mentioned under some name or title. Not just mentioned but whole writings about him.

Maybe there were a great many writing but most got lost in throughout the 3500 years that passed since then. Likely a lot of documentation was destroyed on purpose. When a royal did good, he or she was written about is a very positive way. Statues where made and all sorts of  positive things. But when when someone fell from grace he or she had to be erased from history. Evidence that person ever existed was largely destroyed. I think the plagues and stealing the slaves for sure made Moses fell from grace if he  wasn't already....

Forty years earlier Moses fled to Midian after killing a slave master.

Exod 2:12 And turning this way and that, and seeing no one, he put the Egyptian to death, covering his body with sand.

Exod 2:15 Now when Pharaoh had news of this, he would have put Moses to death. But Moses went in flight from Pharaoh into the land of Midian: and he took his seat by a water-spring.

While the Biblical account is true, it leaves out all the information to understand why Moses really fled to Midian. Moses was a royal and they lived largely above the law. Would Pharaoh want to execute his daughter's son for killing a lowly slave master?

The historian Josephus Flavius wrote a lot interesting things on this topic in Jewish Antiquities book 2, chapter 9-11 - click

Moses was born as a slave. Someone from a non royal bloodline on the throne has been done before but let's say it wasn't a bonus.
But far more influential was the prophesy from a scribe at Pharaoh's court. He prophesied before Moses was born that a Israelite child would be born, and that child would destroy Egypt and would leave a deep mark in history for all ages to come. Needless to say Moses did. Sure, with a lot of help of theFather, but Moses really made his mark in history.

Thermuthis, Pharaoh's daughter found that Moses in a basket in the Nile. She called him Mouses. That's Egyptian for Mo=water, Uses = saved from.

Moses was very hansom and was a big at the age of three. Thermuthis told her father that she wanted Moses to be the heir of his throne and put him in the hands of her father who placed his diadem on Moses' head. Moses didn't like it, threw it off and stepped on it.

The scribe who had the vision saw this and tried to kill Moses. Many believed in the prophesy and wanted Moses dead.

Moses got a good education but that made things even worse because they feared that education would backfire on them.

In the meanwhile the Hebrews had high hopes in Moses.

Ethiopia attacked Egypt and were winning. The Egyptians asked their oracles for advise and they said Moses could help.

Moses was made general and had a brilliant tactic. There were so many snakes in some parts of the desert that military never marched through the desert. Moses took many Ibis birds, the mortal enemies of snakes, with him. When they neared snakes Moses let the ibis birds take care of them.

Because of this the Egyptian took a very unusual route, surprised and crushed the Ethiopians.  

That victory made the Egyptians even more afraid of Moses, because he just had proven himself to be a great strategist. A  great Hebrew general that could conquer Egypt if he formed an army of slaves. Just as the prophesy foretold.

Basically everyone wanted Moses dead now. His only shield of protection was the Pharaoh’s daughter.

Moses showed interest in the Hebrew slaves which was another thing held against Moses.

Killing the slave master was the straw that broke the camel’s back.